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2M Alliance revises voyage numbers on Asia – Europe services

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Herons Logistics

SINGAPORE : The world’s largest container shipping alliance, 2M Alliance, has announced the revision of voyage numbers on sailings serving Asia to Europe network, which will be effective from the middle of January.

MSC, part of 2M, explained that the alliance will adjust the sailing programme due to the current challenging market situation that impacts port activities and generates congestion across the supply chain.

Hence, with the following updates on voyage numbers, MSC and Maersk aim to match the actual departure dates from Asia and, therefore, to provide better schedule reliability.

Firstly, 2M Alliance will reschedule the sailing programme on its Asia to the Mediterranean network, as follows:

WeekServiceCurrent Voyage NumberNew Voyage Number
3Jade / AE11203204
4Phoenix / AE12204205
5Tiger / AE15205206

In addition, the global container shipping alliance will also adjust the voyage numbers on its Asia to Northern Europe and ScanBaltic network, as follows:

WeekServiceCurrent Voyage NumberNew Voyage Number
2Condor / AE7203204
3Lion / AE6204206
3Griffin / AE55204205
4Albatros / AE5204205
4Shogun / AE1204205
4Condor / AE7205206
5Silk / AE10205206
5Griffin / AE55206207
6Albatros / AE5206207
6Shogun / AE1206209
6Condor / AE7207209
7Lion / AE6208210
7Griffin / AE55208210
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