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Analysis : 6 Mega Trends of Logistics important to understand facts of Global Shipping and Logistics

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By Mr. Ashish Laxminarayan Gupta

The logistics industry has long been characterized by unpredictability, but the breakneck market swings over the past two years have been difficult for even veteran shippers to weather. Volatility surrounding both rates and capacity has driven shippers across the industry to increase their transportation spend, often to a significant and even unsustainable degree.

JSSIPL teamed up with Redwood Logistics to survey shippers across a wide range of industries about their current business challenges, transportation spend and approach to partnerships. The results are detailed in a new white paper.

6 Mega Trends of Logistics highlight here for forecasting of future business development, researcher and development.

The Covid-19 crisis in the past two years has contributed to the rapid growth of e-commerce worldwide. These six following trends have also been developed that e-commerce and logistics entrepreneurs can adopt to raise the bar of their business.

Author : Published by Mr. Ashish Laxminarayan Gupta – CEO-Founder -JSR Shipping Services India Pvt Ltd.

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