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Bahri Line and Caterpillar partner to launch a liner service to Indonesia

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RIYADH: Bahri Line, a subsidiary of Saudi shipping firm Bahri Logistics, has signed a contract with American Caterpillar to offer direct services from the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and India, to Jakarta, Indonesia.

As part of the one-year contract, the company will offer a direct service to the US from the Southeast Asian city, it said in a statement.

Caterpillar will be able to load its heavy vehicle shipments from Chennai, India to Jakarta on every Bahri Line vessel.

“With the launch of the new direct liner service to Jakarta through a strategic partnership with Caterpillar, we have made a great leap in our efforts to expand Bahri Line’s liner network and market presence” President of Bahri Logistics, Soror Basalom said.

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