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BOLLORÉ Logistics Brazil obtains AEO certification

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PUTEAUX : After an audit of several months performed by the authority of Brazil Customs, Bolloré Logistics Brazil was officially certified in late November as an AEO – Authorized Economic Operator attending all the requirements expected.

Launched in 2005 by the World Customs Organization, AEO is a program which has its foundation structured by mandatories safety and compliance standards requirements for assuring a flawless foreign trade operation. It guarantees that all international supply chain providers including importers, exporters, freight forwarders and shipping lines strictly follow the local authorities’ requirements thus ensuring a solid level of safety and compliance in the whole end to end processes.

Considering the up growing market dynamics as well as the competitiveness level getting tighter year over year, be an AEO certified company is critical for us to get ahead of the competition. Such a certificate qualifies Bolloré Logistics Brazil as a reliable logistic provider and reinforce our credibility not only within Brazilian Authorities, but also with all the countries that recognize the standards of the AEO program.” said Hector Midolo, CEO Latin America for Bolloré Logistics.

Receiving the AEO certification not only confirms our commitment to high safety and supply chain security standards in global trade, but also serves as a strong argument for our customers when choosing a logistics partner in Brazil. The certification will enable us to offer an even more efficient service and deliver better value for our customers,” commented Gustavo Santi, Managing Director for Bolloré Logistics Brazil.I am very grateful for the great effort, commitment and dedication from all the Brazilian team to reach this achievement.”

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