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Capt. Malcolm appointed as the First Secretary General of Singapore Nautical Institute.

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The Singapore Nautical Institute over its 43 years of heritage was going through its usual maritime activities however the last two years of global pandemic has been a wake call to foster and modify the way the society have been operating conventionally.
The SNI council having endured the wrath of the ever changing maritime landscape and encountering challenges like never before decided to come up with a strategic move to ensure that the SNI emerges stronger from this global pandemic.
For the first time in the history of the SNI, The President and its council is proud to announce that Capt. Malcolm. A. Soares has been unanimously appointed as the First Secretary-General of the Singapore Nautical Institute on 11 Jan 2022 during the Council meeting for a period of two years.
Leading the digital charge and to collaborate activities under the shadow of the council members, The decision is no less than a historic breakthrough in the conceptual approach to be more systematic and professional.
Having successfully deployed the new Singapore Nautical website, below are a few points, which Secretary General will focus on as a start and endeavor to take the institute to the next levels of digital eras.
· Increase awareness & Brand recognition of SNI in Singapore.
· Increase value proposition of the SNI to its Members.
· Digitizing the processes and workflows of the SNI.
· Advancement in the field of Nautical Science.
· Foster better relationships with other relevant societies and entities.
For those of you who are familiar with Capt. Malcolm please do extend your support and cooperation, below is a brief detail summary for those not familiar. Below link for your reference.

As the current President of the Singapore Nautical Institute and on behalf of my council members, please welcome Capt. Malcolm as the First Secretary General and we wish him all the very best in this challenging profile to set the platform to take SNI to greater Nautical , technological and Maritime digital heights.
Capt. Frederick Francis
Singapore Nautical Institute.

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