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CMA CGM reshuffles MEDCARIBE Service

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MARSEILLE : French carrier CMA CGM has announced changes in its MEDCARIBE Service, adding direct calls in West Coast South America.

The service will now have direct calls to Buenaventura (Colombia), Paita (Peru), Posorja (Ecuador) and Guayaquil (Ecuador).

The new service rotation will include the following ports:

Algeciras (Spain) – Malta – Livorno (Italy) – Genoa (Italy) – Marseille (France) – Barcelona (Spain) – Valencia (Spain) – Pointe à Pitre (Guadeloupe) – Fort de France (Caribbean) – Cau ) – Cartagena (Colombia) – Kingston (Jamaica) – Buenaventura (Colombia) – Paita (Peru) – Posorja (Ecuador) – Guayaquil (Ecuador) – Moin (Costa Rica) – Cartagena (Caribbean) – Algeciras (Spain).

The service will start every week and will last 56 days.

In addition, CMA CGM will not change the fleet used in the service, while seven 6,900 TEU vessels, one 4,200 TEU boxhsip and one 1,700 TEU vessel will continue to be deployed on the MEDCARIBE service.

Ocean transit time from Valencia to Buenaventura is expected to be 20 days, from Valencia to Guayaquil 25 days, from Guayaquil to Algeciras 17 days and from Moin to Algeciras 10 days.

“Such reshuffling will allow us to offer a direct service from/to the Mediterranean to/from the North of the West Coast South America,” said the company in a statement.

CMA CGM noted that imports to Veracruz and Houston will be offered for rebroadcast through Kingston connecting BRASEX service, while exports also loading on BRAZEX service.

The last MEDCARIBE vessel to call Veracruz will be the Kristina (voyage 0DVCES1MA) with an estimated time of departure from Valencia on 5 June and an estimated time of arrival at Veracruz on 27 June.

The Marseille-based box line said that with the reshuffling of the MEDCARIBE service, the ORO VERDE service will be terminated.

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