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CMA CGM’s box depot in Indonesia handles 150,000 TEU in nine months

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MARSEILLE : A new container depot of CMA CGM Group in Cakung, Indonesia has handled 150,000 TEU by May 2022 in just nine months of operation.

With an area of ​​35,000 m² and an operating capacity of over 4,000 TEU, the depot mainly serves exports of goods such as paper and rubber, as well as manufactured products such as clothing, footwear and electronics.

“In fact, the installation has become synonymous with CONTAINER Grade Selection, CMA CGM’s solution for shipments that must comply with stringent food product specifications,” said the French carrier.

More than just dry container stuffing, deport specialises in handling non-dangerous liquid shipments in Flexitank containers shipped by CMA CGM from Indonesia.

The depot completes the procedures in less than 20 minutes for the vehicles that unload and pick up containers from the installation thanks to the fully automated vehicle entry and exit systems.

At the same time, the one-stop depot also performs pre-trip inspection, pre-cooling, reefer monitoring as well as container cleaning and repair.

Through its wastewater recycling system, the installation reuses up to 70% of the recycled water from washing the containers, with the result that up to 15,000 liters of water are recycled every day.

The facility is currently running on biofuel, but solar panels will soon be installed on the rooftop to power its office operations and depot lighting in the second half of 2022.

With this energy, the CMA CGM Cakung depot will be one of the first in Indonesia to be supplied with solar energy.

John Lim, General Manager of CMA CGM Indonesia, said, “As dedicated as we are to provide service excellence, it is in our DNA to continually mitigate our environmental footprint by tapping solutions and renewable resources where we could.”

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