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Continental Tires drives Wheels of Innovation for transporters

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Continental Tires India is steering innovation to bring cost optimisation for fleet operators. The company’s MD Samir Gupta said they are committed to the growth of the transport sector and the company is using technology to make innovative, sustainable and safe products for the sector, thereby reducing the cost of operations for transporters.

He added: “We are committed to making their (transporters) operations trouble-free. To make their operations cost-effective we are investing money into digital solutions. We are talking of yard readers and intelligent tyres. We are talking of fleet check tools. Basically, all these things enable and empower our fleet owners to do a quick health check of their tyres. This quick health check of the tyres ensures that the tyres do not fail on the road and the fleet owners can fulfil their commitment to their customers. We are committed to the transport industry to make their business more profitable, trouble-free, more sustainable and safer.”

Speaking on the critical role played by the transport sector during lockdowns and its importance in the economy, the MD said: “The economic growth of any country is completely dependent on the efficiency of its logistics system. In India when we talk of road transport it contributes almost 50 per cent to freight transportation and 90 per cent to passenger transportation within the country. So we can safely say that the road transportation industry is the backbone of the Indian economy.”

Bullish about the growth prospects of the sector, Gupta said: “The government is focusing a lot on the road infrastructure development. Currently, we have roughly 6 million kilometres of road infrastructure existing in India and this is growing at a very fast pace. The commercial vehicle segment is also growing and this year we expect a growth of 15 per cent to 20 per cent in this segment. So, we can easily say that exciting times are ahead for the road transport industry.”

Talking of a complete convergence between the brand values of Continental Tires and the road and transport sector, Gupta said: “Our brand value is agility and technology-driven innovation. These are quite aligned with the values of the road and transport industry. We are agile in making new products, we are using technology in developing those products, and we are moving towards digitalisation”.

Gupta went on to add that the road and transport industry is innovating in terms of communication, building trust within the industry and with customers. He said that perseverance is also a common value that his company shares with the sector, which gives them the motivation to drive through the challenging times.

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