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COSCO achieves first docking through 5G unmanned container trucks

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SHANGHAI : COSCO Shipping announced that 5G unmanned container trucks have completed mixed operations for specialized vessels at Xiamen Ocean Gate Container Terminal.

On 15 April, LE CONG, a vessel operated by the Chinese shipping giant, docked firmly at Berth No.17 of COSCO Shipping Ports’ Xiamen Ocean Gate Container Terminal.

With the issuance of remote instructions, the 5G unmanned container trucks started, turned, accelerated, decelerated, and stopped normally.

After picking up containers from the bridge crane, the trucks moved precisely into the designated position of the gantry crane, according to COSCO, which said “the entire process was finished in one go, marking the successful completion of mixed operations between 5G unmanned container trucks and regular ones for specialized vessels for the first time.”

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