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DFC starts trial run on WDFC’s double rail line from New Palanpur to New Mahesana section

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AHMEDABAD : The trial run of the 62 km New Palanpur to New Mahesana section of the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor (WDFC) has started on Thursday with a Freight Train CGS/DTJ powered by WDG-4 Loco (No 12188) from Changsari, Rangiya Division of NF Railway with 27 wagons and having a weight of around 1000 tons, destined for Detroj, Western Railway’s Ahmedabad Division traversing on this section. This section falls in the state of Gujarat passing through Bhandu & Palanpur districts and is a part of the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor (WDFC). This information has been shared by Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation (DFC) in an official press release.

The section consists of two important Bridges, 10 Major Bridges, 16 Road Over Bridges, 81 Minor Bridges, 22 Minor Road Under Bridges, 7 Pedestrian Subways and 1 Foot Over Bridge. The Bridge Structures are equipped for carrying the 32.5 T axle load of a freight train.

There are three stations in the section; DFC New Palanpur, DFC New Umardashi and DFC New Mahesana. DFC New Palanpur & DFC New Mahesana stations are junction stations.

Train operations are already continuing on WDFC’s 659 route km stretch from Rewari to Palanpur Entire WDFC will connect JNPT (Mumbai) to Dadri (in the National capital Region).

With the completion of this section, safety will also get a boost with elimination of 33 Level Crossings.

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