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Exim Club Women’s Wing organized a webinar

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VADODARA : Online talk was arranged by Exim Club Women’s Wing on Cisco Webex Speaker Ms Vinita Venkatesh – Managing Director Ocean 2 door India Pvt Ltd , Executive committee member of WISTA and Crusader for Women empowerment. The webinar was addressed by Ms. Manisha Thaker who is leading the women’s wing and Executive Committee member of Exim club , Vadodara

Exim Club President Mr Rajan Nair with his gracious presence also welcomed the speaker and all participants. Starting with welcome note to speaker and all participants.

Ms.Vinta said life Life is like an ever-shifting kaleidoscope – a slight change, and all patterns alter.kaleidoscope up to the light I thought she said how it perfectly symbolises life.Our lives are made up of exciting and fun times, painful and heart-braking experiences, spiritual breakthroughs, amazing and stretching opportunities, joyful adventures, happiness and sadness plus a whole heap of bits and pieces. All the tiny glass pieces are the pieces of our lives coming together to create a colourful and unique image. No pattern is ever the same and no life is ever the same.Moments are fleeting. We must be present and breathe in the colour and vibrancy of life before it disappears forever she added. Ms.Vinita was glad to share her own experiences on how she came up professionally managing multiple roles and responsibility be it at home and at work which was truly inspiring

Some of the points which she added for women is to :

  • Embrace the chaos
  • Life begins at the end of the comfort zone
  • If u r not growing you are dead…
  • Make choices
  • Learn continuously, take up leadership positions
  • Talk of the trade when in gatherings
  • Efforts to increase revenue and reduce costs of organisation
  • Changing Mindset ismore important She alsosuggested the Mantras of success for women.
    1) De genderize your self – never pour the tea
    2) Show up – take up initiatives
    3) Never say nofor new responsibilities
    4) Join chambers of commerce and expand wings
  • Lastly she winded saying Life is ever changing , stay calm , wait it out , see how everything settles down again and how how again a beautiful pattern emerges. The session was truly interactive and appreciated by all women members.
  • Vote of Thanks was given by Ms. Manisha Thaker ( EC Member leading womens wing ) to speaker Ms Vinita was such an enlightening session and for being the torch bearer and change maker. It’s the continuous efforts of The Exim club ‘s women wing to come up with such programs and open for all women across India for professional development and growth.
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