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FFFAI organised Knowledge Sessions at 6th EC Meeting

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CHENNAI : Knowledge sessions by Mr. Sivasailam N, Former Secretary (Logistics), Ministry of Commerce & Mr. Banibrata Bhattacharya Former Chief Commissioner of Customs – Mumbai Zone I was organised at the recently held FFFAI 6th EC Meeting in Chennai, according to a release.

Mr. Sivasailam, Former Secretary (Logistics), Ministry of Commerce spoke on the role of FFFAI’s Members as Knowledge Partners to the Trade. He spoke about use of Cloud computing and Blockchain in the Logistics industry and the advantages of first adopters of this technology. 

He strongly endorsed that only a large organization like FFFAI with international reach can only build a portal that can integrate various other available smaller platforms for wider reach.

Mr. Banibrata Bhattacharya Former Chief Commissioner of Customs – Mumbai Zone I spoke about changes in the way cargo was examined in 1990 and then in 2005 on introduction of RMS.

He reflected on the improvements and how it has been recognized by the World Bank too. As stakeholders, it is a trust based relationship between Customs Brokers and Customs and is it important this is maintained by community. He mentioned that Custom Brokers’ clients be ready to face premises based post-clearance audits. 

He stressed on the need to employ professionals with 3 years degree course in Logistics and Customs Clearance, a Degree that is certified by GoI.

Both the knowledge sessions were well received and applauded by the audience.

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