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Fragile borders: the role of Customs in situations of conflict and fragility

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BRUSSELS : Around one billion people in the world are directly affected by situations of fragility and conflict. These situations may spill over the national borders and grow into crises, beyond the countries directly affected by the conflict. Because of globalization, they may also cause global social and economic distress. In this context, the WCO Secretariat issued a note on the role of Customs in Fragile and Conflict-affected Situations.

The Note is based on the outcomes of the research programme initiated in 2016 and initially focused on African countries, particularly the Sahel and East Africa, as well as countries in the North Africa and Middle East.

This Note analyzes the specificities of and state responses in border areas in situations of fragility and conflict. It also shares insights on how Customs can manifest their role in fragile borderlands and post-conflict situations.

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