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HMM unveils its new digital booking platform

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KOREA : The South Korean ocean carrier HMM has introduced its new digital solution called Hi Quote (HMM Instant Quote) aiming to offer a comprehensive contact-free sales experience to its customers.

With the launch of Hi Quote, which HMM describes as a “fast, easy and seamless digital solution”, the company expects to provide instant quotation, booking confirmation and space guarantee as a non-stop online service.

At the initial stage, Hi Quote is currently available for export cargoes loaded on dry containers from Korea to Europe, South East Asia, South West Asia, South America and Australia, while the United States and Canada will be included in the service at the end of the year.

An HMM official said, “Hi Quote has been designed on our technological capabilities. We will continue to expand service coverage of Hi Quote at a global level to provide our customers with more visibility and efficiency in a much simpler way.”

He added, “In the mid-to-long term, we will consider integrating inland logistics network into Hi Quote, while at the same time applying freight rate solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence.”

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