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India to begin wheat exports to biggest importer Egypt

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NEW DELHI : The world’s second largest wheat producer, India, is in talks with the biggest importer, Egypt, to begin shipments.

The South Asian country is also having discussions with other countries including China, Turkey, Bosnia, Sudan, Nigeria, and Iran as the war between Russia and Ukraine causes disruption to worldwide supplies.

The Indian government has made pledges to ensure sufficient railway capacity that can meet any unprecedented rise in demand for exports of the grain.

Additionally, port exports have been asked to raise the number of terminals and containers accommodating wheat, citing the ministry.

India’s wheat exports climbed 300 percent to reach 6 million tons a year in the ten months ending on Jan. 31, up from just 1.38 million tons a year in the corresponding period a year earlier.

Both Russia and Ukraine are amongst the world’s top wheat producers and exporters.

Wheat output is projected to increase and hit 111.3 million tons a year in the period ranging 2021 to 2022, up from 109.6 million tons a year earlier, citing farm ministry data.

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