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Interview : SEROS will continue to bring new-age solutions and technology to improve industry to complete green and cleaner logistics

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SURAT : SEROS is a company entrusted with providing logistics support to manufacturing units and project sites across the world. SEROS work with a single objective of providing the clients with an experience of hassle-free services through high quality customized logistic solutions.

Mr. Ashish Agarwal, CEO, Seros Logistics

India Shipping News in an Interview with Mr. Ashish Agarwal, CEO, Seros Logistics finds out more about the Company and its future plans.

Excerpts from the Interview

Q. What is the Role of SEROS Logistics in supporting the Govt Mission to Shift logistics and transport into 100% Green and Clean sources of Energy?

A. The usage of vehicles across the country is paramount, and it is essential to cut down pollutants. Green logistics utilizes cleaner fuels and contributes significantly to air pollution reduction. Leveraging our position as India’s leading logistics company, SEROS Logistics has been adopting environmentally-conscious measures. We provide multi-modal logistics, including multiple modes of transport, including road, rail, and sea. At SEROS, we strive to maintain a sustainable network and provide end-to-end logistics solutions that ensure a seamless experience. Being one of the largest coastal logistics operators, SEROS Maritime is one of our significant verticals. While goods can be carried by road or rail, we favor the maritime method and operate as a feeder service between the western and eastern ports. Using this approach for logistics reduces the enormous pressure on Indian highways. The high congestion rate on highways increases fuel combustion, resulting in increased pollution levels. By diverting goods and cargo away from roadways, we aim to strategically reduce the carbon footprint caused by transportation and logistical vehicles. Furthermore, we are also forging alliances with SMEs to supply them with cleaner fuels like LNG. We expect more companies to shift to environmentally conscious operations with a seamless supply of cleaner fuels. Besides this, we’ve been using cleaner alternative fuels like CNG and LNG to transport goods. In fact, we are one of the first companies in India to experiment with cleaner fuels (LNG, CNG, EV) in heavy commercial vehicles.

Q. How SEROS Logistics is working towards ensuring Green Logistics in India? What kind of R&D is happening at the organization level with respect to types of fuels?

A. We are focusing exclusively on environmentally friendly logistics. Our core focus is on transforming the logistics industry by using greener and cleaner fuels. Apart from vehicular pollution, industries that use coal, furnace oil, or other polluting fuels contribute to increased pollution levels. We at SEROS have forged partnerships with diverse industrial units and are helping them go green by shifting to cleaner and environmentally friendly fuels. Additionally, we are involved in reliably and safely supplying the same. With our green logistics initiative, we are doing our bit for India’s transition towards a gas-based economy. For an extended period, transportation on land or water was nearly entirely powered by diesel. We experimented with electric trucks. We have tested with HCV that run on CNG & LNG. We have witnessed a significant reduction in emissions as a result of this transition to greener fuels.

Q. Will SEROS Logistics benefit from the PM GatiShakti National Master Plan?

A. The PM GatiShakti National Master Plan aims at making logistics connectivity seamless across the country. The digital platform will bring 16 ministries, including Railways and Roadways, to coordinate infrastructure connectivity projects, resulting in faster movement of people and goods. Expanding the National Highway to 25,000 km in 2022-23 and urban metro systems and developing 100 PM Gati Shakti Cargo terminals over the next three years will boost the warehousing logistics sector overall. The Master Plan will improve pan-India connectivity and reduce logistics costs. We believe that Seros with its focus on using alternate fuels in the future is strategically positioned to ride on the logistic sector’s growth trajectory and contribute significantly inreducing its carbon footprint.

Q. What are the Number of LNG Fleet and Total Fleet at SEROS logistics at present? How much LNG fleet do SEROS plan to add in upcoming years?

A. SEROS has 40 plus fleet of LNG & CNG tankers making it the largest virtual pipeline network in the country. We are committed to constantly expand our fleet size to multifold.

Q. How do you see the Future of Green logistics in India?

A. India has been pushing auto-fuel transition with the twin objectives of containing emissions and diversifying away from a rising dependence on crude oil imports. India’s auto fuel demand is at the cusp of moving from traditional gasoline/diesel fuels to compressed natural gas (CNG), hydrogen CNG (H-CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and electric vehicles (EVs).

Q. Can you give us a brief about where services of SEROS Logistics are operational?

A. SEROS Logistics has a good presence in India’s entire western and eastern coast.

Q. On which Ports SEROS Logistics is operational at present?

A. SEROS Logistics is operational on all major and minor ports of India.

Q. What are the USPs with respect to existing competitors?

A. SEROS Logistics’ provides a gamut of services under one roof. The services target the entire supply chain and foster a sustainable network with its end-to-end logistics solutions. Powered by expertise and technology, we believe in keeping our clients away from tactical distractions and letting them concentrate on their core functions. Logistics being one of the major contributors to carbon dioxide emissions, ours is one of the very few companies in the sector that is environmentally conscious. We are continuously contributing to the green revolution in India. With the increasing demand for alternate fuels, we are engaged in R&D for bringing to the table some innovative solutions to help the country transition to cleaner fuels.

Q. What are the Benefits of the LNG Fleet with respect to pollution?

A. Green energy is coming to the fore gradually, and we strongly believe that LNG is the fuel of the future, not simply because it is environment-friendly but also because it is efficient. Utilizing LNG reduces carbon emissions by around 25%-30%, sulfur oxide emissions by 70%, and nitrogen emissions by 90%. Due to the high pressures involved, LNG is low temperature in (-175 degree C)  and requires the use of specialized cryogenic tanks and other advanced machinery. In response to the growing demand for LNG, SEROS offers to supply areas without gas pipeline and to deploy LNG in remote locations through its virtual pipeline

Q. Which are the Top sectors and companies that Seros Logistics provides services to?

A. SEROS is the sustainable logistics partner for Procter and Gamble and Saint Gobain.. Also, we are collaborating with firms like Shell, Honda, Kajaria, and Reliance. Our maritime division also assists enterprises such as Adani, Reliance, and the Ministry of Defence with ship repair and shipbuilding services by providing maintenance and repair services to the coast guard’s massive fleets. Besides this, we also offer maintenance and supply services to a variety of offshore enterprises, including Mumbai High and L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering.

Q. What are your Business model and Future plan with respect to services?

A. SEROS Logistics is a B2B service provider with expertise in shipping, repair, and delivering specialized logistics solutions, including a multimodal distribution network. We are the single point of contact for consumers’ end-to-end logistical requirements, providing best-in-class solutions. SEROS is one of the bulk logistics businesses that offers real-time cargo tracking through its comprehensive IT suite. A skilled team, backed up by technology experts and excellent IT capabilities, enables us to provide our clients with real-time tracking of all assets and cargo movement and to anticipate potential bottlenecks in advance. 

Q. What are your Expansion Plans in the near future?

A. Green logistics has a huge market today. On Indian roadways, there are about 8 million commercial vehicles, and we have a huge potential to transform the industry to complete green and cleaner logistics and we are completely committed to the cause. At SEROS, we will continue to bring new-age solutions and technology to improve this industry, create thought leadership, and lead the industry to transition. This demands a significant amount of effort and time, and we plan to devote all of our resources to constructing virtual pipelines for our customers. Additionally, we are relentlessly working to collaborate with large and socially responsible corporations.

Q. Which is your Biggest learning so far, and what are the market size and opportunities

A. Logistics is a vast and emerging field that encompasses everything from trucking and storage to first- and last-mile delivery, as well as maritime shipping and warehouse management. The sector is currently valued at $200 billion. With the growing need for alternative fuels, SEROS is continually invested in R&D to develop creative solutions that will assist India in transitioning to cleaner, greener fuels. SEROS is devoted to offering world-class service while also contributing to a more sustainable future.

Q. What are the current challenges in maritime and logistics in India?

A. Even with India’s strategic coastline of about 7517 km, 12 major ports, and 200+ non-major ones, along with a vast network of navigable waterways, maritime logistics is one sector that is not fully explored. At the initial stage of the pandemic-induced lockdown, the shipping industry witnessed a slowdown. There were some delays in the loading and unloading of goods due to safety regulations and protocols. However, the government’s progressive policy interventions (like Sagarmala Programme, Merchant Shipping Bill, etc.), improvement in the shipbuilding sector, and the ease of doing business through inland waterways will soon make India a maritime powerhouse.

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