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Jana Marine advances training method via Photo-realistic Digital Twin of mARitymVR

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The maritime industry is observing a hike in the adoption of revolutionary technologies across various sectors. The Jana Marine Services Co. LLC is setting up a great example as ship owners & managers.

A firm believer in constant technology integrations for managing operations, Jana Marine is now adopting maritime 4.0. The Jana team has been devising ways to digitalize their ship data. It has successfully moved ahead with using digitalization for training purposes.

The team has collaborated with mARitymVR to digitalize their vessel info. The trainees can now visualize & walk through the Photo-realistic Digital Twin (PDTwin) of the vessel conveniently with their mobiles or laptops at any time. PDTwin is an immersive cloud-based software solution that provides the photo-realistic 3D visualization of ships along with equipment tags and ship-specific data readily available on laptops, phones, and VR headsets for the user.

Through the PDTwin platform, Jana has been conducting mass online training for the new joiners. It has also helped them avoid unnecessary physical exposure during the pandemic.

Mr. Mohammed Alsubaie, CEO of Jana Marine, says – “Before the PDTwin, there have been times when providing complete onboard training within limited time did become difficult. Also, sharing only data such as images, videos, presentations and references did not let us achieve the training effectiveness needed. So, the PDTwin platform has satisfied this need to conduct effective training. Our trainers are connected with the trainees online and by using the PDTwin of the vessel, they help the trainees virtually walk through it. There is also a provision for the trainees to understand the same, later at their convenience.”

Further he added, “In addition to enhancing training experience, PDTwin is proving to be a time & cost-effective method. We need not arrange for physical trips onboard vessels anymore for basic familiarization purposes.”

Considering the long periods that ships remain at sea, real-time data must be available for ship operators to use. So, this platform is also capable of providing live data of respective equipment. Thanks to PDTwin’s inbuilt monitoring system that makes it possible with IoT integrations.

According to Mr. Akshay Jain, CEO of mARitymVR, “Ship managers and owners have been operating the platform for various use cases like annual audit reporting, training & familiarization. It makes technical discussions, inspection, planning, audits & surveys convenient across teams.” Photo-Realistic Digital Twin is a part of the mARitymVR platform developed by Vedam Design, a Naval architecture firm based out of India, UAE & the Netherlands. For more information, contact them at bd@maritymvr.com

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