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Liquefied CO2 Cargo Tank System Obtains AiP from Classification Society DNV

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Breakthrough Cargo Tank System Transports Liquefied CO2 at Ambient Temperature

TOKYO : Knutsen NYK Carbon Carriers AS which is an affiliate of NYK, received approval in principle (AiP) from the Norwegian classification society DNV on April 5 for the PCO2® tank system, which can transport and store liquefied carbon dioxide (CO2) at ambient temperature.

This is the world’s first AiP for a cargo tank system that can marine transport and store liquefied CO2 at ambient temperature.

Future expansion of the CCUS value chain* will require larger vessels to maximize transportation efficiency. The concept of the PCO2® tank system is to transport liquefied CO2 over ambient temperatures (0–10°C) and under high pressure (35–45 bar). This makes it possible to transport liquefied CO2 in larger vessels than vessels that transport it under low or medium pressure, and to reduce costs incurred throughout the CCUS value chain.

Furthermore, transporting at ambient temperature and high pressure makes it possible to keep the pressure, temperature, and condition of liquefied CO2 relatively uniform from the transport of liquefied CO2 to injection into the seabed or underground. It makes it easier to handle liquefied CO2 in the CCUS value chain, which also has the advantage of reducing costs throughout the CCUS value chain.

In the future, KNCC aims to realize the operation of liquefied CO2 carriers at an early stage and participate in the CCUS value chain.

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