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Long Beach lifts container stacking limits due to California congestion crisis

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The City of Long Beach has temporarily withdrawn limitations on the number and/or height of shipping container storage allowed at the Port of Long Beach (POLB) to ease the container storage crisis.

“It has recently come to the City’s attention the Municipal Code contains zoning provisions that limit the number and/or height of shipping container storage, that if relaxed for a short time could provide some assistance during this national crisis,” said the City of Long Beach in a statement.

Depending on the property zoning, these limits have been either two stacked containers or eight feet in height. These provisions, which have been in effect for many years, were established to address the visual impact to surrounding areas of sites with excessive storage.

Given this current national emergency and the Governor’s Executive Order to take necessary steps to alleviate the impacts on the system, the City Manager, Tom Modica, will temporarily waive enforcement of current shipping container stacking and height limits for a period of 90 days from 22 October.

During this period, affected operations will be allowed to stack up to four shipping containers without being cited for a Code violation.

“This will only apply to properties that are currently zoned to allow shipping container stacking,” noted the City. “Properties that wish to stack up to five containers high should contact Fire Prevention to ensure the site can safely accommodate the height prior to stacking above four containers high.”

The City added it will work during the next 90-day period to assess the situation and the effectiveness of this solution and any impacts on the surrounding areas.

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