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Maersk Tanker and BP conducted successful marine biofuel testing

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COPENHAGEN : Maersk Tanker and BP have announced that the sea trials using marine fuels, which are product tankers mixed with biofuels, have been successfully completed. Studies have shown that biofuels can be used as drop-in fuels to help the marine industry decarbonize.

In the test, two containers were supplied with BP’s Marine B30 biofuel. It is a blend of 30% fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) and ultra-low sulfur fuel oil (VLSFO). During the voyage from Rotterdam to West Africa, tests were conducted on both the main engine, auxiliary engine and boiler of the ship to evaluate the reliability and performance of the B30 biofuel. The impact on the ship’s fuel tank was also investigated to determine fuel compatibility.

The pair concluded that no adverse effects on equipment or machinery were observed during or after testing and no engine or infrastructure changes were required.

FAME biofuels are primarily manufactured using renewable edible oils and renewable oil sources and have the same physical properties as traditional diesels. In addition, renewable fuels are non-toxic and biodegradable, and the manufacture and manufacture of the raw materials used in their manufacture is certified to ensure sustainability to internationally recognized standards.

BP aims to supply biofuel blends for operating and charter vessels refueling in the Netherlands subject to owner and flag state approval.

Carol Howl, Executive Vice President of Trade and Shipping at BP, said: “It is imperative to support the decarbonization of this non-declining sector with the ambition to become a net-zero company by 2050 and help the world reach it. Partners like Maersk Tankers. We are proud to work with you to develop new alternative fuels and low-carbon solutions that will help accelerate the energy shift in the shipping industry. “

“The need to reduce emissions is one of the most important challenges facing transportation today,” commented Christian Ingerslev, Chief Executive Officer of Maersk Tankers. “We can only meet this challenge if we do it in partnership and explore a large number of solutions. We will work with BP to combine our expertise to test and enable alternative fuels. I am contributing. “

With the support of the Danish Maritime Bureau, the tests were conducted on the product tankers Maersk Cirrus and Maersk Navigator. Both vessels are currently chartering from Maersk Tankers to BP.

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