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MV Marintrust-01 : Salvage operations is set to begin

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KOLKATA : Salvage operations of MV Marintrust-01, a container ship that had capsized last Thursday, is set to begin with the owners of the Bangladeshi ship appointing Gill Marines to retrieve the cargo that had tipped over and into the water; remove the other containers on the ship and then help the vessel back into position before carrying out any necessary repairs.

SMP Port ,Kolkata authorities said they would provide all necessary support to help the distressed ship that is currently occupying berth No. 5 at the port.

“Mobilisation of all the gears, equipment and other accessories has already been started by the contractor. Gill Marines will start full-fledged salvage operation from late Tuesday night,” Kolkata Port senior public relations officer Sanjoy Kumar Mukherjee said.

SMP Port authorities had earlier encircled the capsized container ship with an oil boom barrier to prevent a possible oil spill from the vessel. Skimmer, pumps and oil soaking pads have also been kept in the readiness to pick up oil from the water in the unfortunate event of a spill

The Bangladeshi cargo ship that was docked on berth no. 5 at the capsized shortly after 165 containers weighing 3,089 were loaded onto its deck on Thursday morning.

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