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New TradeLens CEO Kim Spalding shares vision for company

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COPENHAGEN : New TradeLens CEO Kim Spalding said her goal is “to help drive digitization in the supply chain industry.”

Ms. Kim Spalding

TradeLens, a neutral supply chain platform, utilizes blockchain technology to provide secure tracking and sharing of vital trade information in real time.

“We use the application of blockchain technology to help us support trade documentation,” said Spalding, who was named TradeLens’ top executive following CEO Mike White’s retirement at the end of April. “It gives us a secure, immutable, traceable platform for transactions. That’s really important to our customers and to their network members because the transmission of documents and information, like the electronic bill of lading, is so critical.”

According to Spalding, TradeLens stands out from the competition by consolidating supply chain data points.

“Working directly with industry partners, continuing to invest in the strong relationships with our carriers, terminals, ports, rails and so many members of our network, which brings direct-from-source data into the platform, helps us share that data across the industry to make [it] more efficient and helps us serve customers to make their supply chains better,” she said. “There are folks in the industry that are doing pieces of those individually, but bringing that all together and doing that in close partnership with the industry is, I think, special.”

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