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PM Gati Shakti will help improve infrastructure planning and bring down logistics cost: Shri Piyush Goyal

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NEW DELHI : The Minister of Trade and Industry, Consumer Affairs, Food and Distribution and Fabric, Shri Piyush Goyal called on the Indian industry to buy wherever the opportunity arises so that home supply chains can be strengthened and strengthened and tend to place excessive reliance. in foreign supply chains is prohibited. He was speaking at a “Breakfast Session on Trade 4.0” session in Davos, Switzerland. Noting that India’s story has been gaining momentum around the world, the Minister said despite issues such as Covid 19, chip shortages, disputes, rising commodity prices, shortage of boxes and major transport and transportation problems they were facing. Over the past two years, which has created major supply chain disruptions that have disrupted the global economy, Indian businesses have shown great resilience, greatly exceeding export targets and gaining USD 421.8 billion in exports.

Quoting the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, Shri Goyal said India in the midst of all these problems is a fertile place that shows transparency, gives trust and timeliness and adds that the country responds to all problems in a timely manner. This response, he said, is a reflection of the resilience that Indian businesses must provide as well as the resilience and confidence of political leadership. Speaking on the need to work together for a shared vision, Shri Goyal expressed confidence that India can achieve the USD 1 Trillion per capita goods and services target by 2030 if we work as a team. Noting that eight years ago, the government was very focused on structural reforms the Minister said each of those organizations had held India in a good position during times of crisis.

The Minister said Digital India has helped India to operate during the closure due to the epidemic. He added that Organizations such as Swacch Bharat, Jan Dhan-Adhaar-Mobile trinity, investment, Ayushman Bharat, vaccination programs etc. help prepare India for the next level of growth and globalization. He emphasized the need for the world to see India as a more viable option and invited manufacturing, investment and technology to come to India.He stressed that India has taken a series of strong measures to control inflation, keep interest rates low and the rupee low so that growth and prosperity are not affected. He urged Indian industries to focus on increasing exports of goods and to ensure that new jobs come to India instead of consumer goods coming from India. Highlighting the great efforts being made in that regard, the Minister said the government is trying to ensure orderly pricing and to ensure that businesses add value and services

Shri Goyal urged businesses to shop

Emphasizing the government’s effort to reduce transportation costs through measures such as Prime Minister GatiShakti, the Minister said the National Master Plan would help improve infrastructure planning and ensure timely and timely implementation of projects.Assuring that the government will wholeheartedly support businesses, the Minister urged industries to bring quality to all aspects of the economy. Expressing concern about over-reliance on supply chains, Shri Goyal urged businesses to shop wherever they had the opportunity. He called on business people to support each other and help strengthen their real estate chains.

Referring to the recent Trade Agreements signed by the UAE and Australia, the Minister said these agreements open new barriers to international trade. He added that agreements with Canada, the EU, the UK, Israel and the GCC were underway. The Minister said the world has a lot of confidence in India and wants to work with it with enthusiasm. Touching on the potential of the tourism industry, the Minister called for more players to enter the tourism industry. He added that trade, tourism and technology, which are the three topics requested by all Indian missions around the world to market themselves, should start so that India can be recognized as a quality supplier of quality goods and services.

He also ensured that all Indian machinery was given the task of supporting the Indian industry and establishing our businesses. Every Mission, every office, every official is now ready to represent Indian businesses and that is what will lead to 4.0 trading, he added. The Minister noted that the government is in the process of rewriting the New India text ready to play a leading role in world trade and called on investors to come and invest in India, its ideas, talent and unlimited power. India is the future, says the Minister.

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