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Skyangel joins TradeLens to create an intermodal data network across the US, México and Central America

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MEXICO : Skyangel, a leader for IoT and GPS monitoring services in US, Mexico, and Central America, has taken a new step on their mission to connect the supply chain by joining the blockchain-based TradeLens Platform. While strengthening their core activities, providing safety services for cargo and people, Skyangel is also driving the digitization and connectivity for all supply chain visibility milestones.

Skyangel, with more than 650 corporate clients, provides a wide range of services including a complete system for Fleet Tracking and Security focused on keeping cargo and people safe across the countries they work in. 

“Our platform allows us to optimize all existing technology in fleets and containers, which makes it more than just an administration system of GPS signal. This is a complete logistics management for each one of the units and provides a unique opportunity for customers using TradeLens”. Ruben Almonte Alvarez, CEO Skyangel

End-to-end visibility is a core aspect of supply chain operations. To create valuable operational insights, container traceability not only has to monitor where the cargo is located, but it is equally important to accommodate different needs according to geographies.

With an innovative vision of fostering greater collaboration and trust across the global supply chains, Skyangel will connect to the TradeLens platform providing visibility of core inland and safety milestones. Customers can easily gain access to this information together with all other milestones across their global shipments.

Bringing upstream and downstream visibility to IoT and GPS monitoring services, Skyangel enriches a TradeLens network built on input from the industry. Today TradeLens directly integrates with more than 200 ports and terminals, 15+ customs authorities around the world and an increasing number of intermodal providers and solutions. Thomas Sproat, Sr. Director Network Development said “TradeLens has the goal of connecting global ecosystems. We are thrilled to add Skyangel to the TradeLens network and support the needs and goals of our customers operating in the region”.

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