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WISTA India joins IMO’s celebration of ‘International Day for Women in Maritime’ today

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MUMBAI : When WISTA India was launched in 2012, there was a gap-women needed a platform, a place that didn’t just put them into the “cliched box of being yet another women’s wing of an association”.

Ms. Sumiit Sharma, President WISTA India commented that “Women in the Indian maritime sector have fought against all sorts of biased stereotypes. But this is how women respond to stereotypes: By silently making their mark, showing leadership and excelling in their chosen domain. And today we will all agree that the world is better when women get the opportunities they deserve. Of course, women are made for science. Of course, women are fit to lead. Of course, career and motherhood can go together. It is obvious, but unfortunately, it still needs to be said. We at WISTA India, have always been the platform that lends women the voice for this.

It is our belief that having women in leadership positions should become the norm, not the exception. With the pandemic, there is huge potential to redefine the roles of women in the maritime industry. This is an ideal opportunity to re-examine roles, create new career opportunities and give women the support they need. WISTA India aims to achieve this through business networking events, and mentor-mentee programs, we have prioritized women’s mental and physical wellbeing as well, our events being centred around this aspect, especially after the pandemic.

My vision for WISTA India is to be the association of change for women to awaken to their true capacities and adapt the mindset of taking on leadership roles. The landscape of opportunities in maritime is evolving and changing constantly, in the favour of women – but only those who are willing to step out of the shadows and be seen. Long term alliances and relationships are built on trust which requires relentless efforts and actions to stay relevant and ahead of the market in this industry. WISTA India aims to empower each of its women to achieve just this -staying relevant and ahead of the market. We do this through a series of networking events, knowledge sessions, business showcase sessions and wellness workshops”.

Founder members Ms. Sanjam Sahi Gupta and Ms. Sumi Sahi look back with nostalgia as WISTA India shall complete 10 years in December 2022.

Ms. Sumi highlights “WISTA is the professional body for women in maritime globally- comprising the top women in maritime from over 55 countries be it ship owners, brokers or lawyers-women in each and every vertical in maritime. Women in WISTA are top, left and centre and not relegated to the sidelines.”

Ms. Sanjam shares “In these past years, we have seen WISTA offering a plethora of opportunities to our members. Now conferred with IMO Consultative status, the benefit WISTA offers to women is that it is the only international women’s professional body for women in maritime and logistics having its presence in over 55 countries. That network is our USP and with it comes to the opportunity grow their network to do business globally. We are truly ‘WOMEN WHO MOVE THE WORLD”.

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