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APEDA facilitates cashew exports on National Cashew Day to Bangladesh, Qatar, Malaysia and USA

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NEW DELHI : The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Development Authority (APEDA), an organization under the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, played an instrumental role as an export facilitator and flagged off its Cashew Nut shipment to Bangladesh, Qatar, Malaysia and the USA to mark National Cashew Day on November 23rd, 2023. Bangladesh will be receiving it’s first-ever shipment of Cashew Nuts all the way from Odisha.

After Côte d’Ivoire, India is the second largest producer and exporter of Cashew Nuts with a share of more than 15%, followed by Vietnam in the world’s cashew export. India’s top export destinations are the UAE, the Netherlands, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are the major Cashew producing states in India. India primarily exports Cashew Kernels with small quantities of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid and Cardanol.

With the UAE and the Netherlands remaining as the top export destinations for Indian Cashew Nuts, APEDA is working towards exploring new markets for cashew in the international markets of Japan, Saudi Arabia, UK, Spain, Kuwait, Qatar, USA and European countries, etc.

APEDA jointly with its Regional Offices organised programmes to celebrate the National Cashew Day in seven states in collaboration with the Cashew Association, Exporters and Stakeholders. The event included a diverse range of activities such as interaction sessions with the stakeholder of Cashew, Platform for Networking, Knowledge Sharing, and discussion on industry trends and challenges faced in the sector.

On the onset of the event that brings together stakeholders, exporters, and enthusiasts from the cashew industry Mr. Abhishek Dev, Chairman (APEDA) addressed the participants to celebrate the National Cashew Day, “Today, our various regional offices of APEDA have come together to not just celebrate but to engage in meaningful discussions on the growth trends, production, export strategies, and the challenges faced by the cashew sector.”

The demand for cashew products has been on the rise, and to see the industry evolve and thrive is a heartening moment. The growth is a testament to the hard work of the farmers, processors, and exporters.

The chairman further applauded and encouraged the farmers and growers of cashew nuts, “Our dedicated farmers have played a crucial role in contributing to the increased production of cashews. Their commitment to quality and sustainable farming practices has not only elevated the industry standards but has also positioned us as key players in the global market.”

As soon as Cashew Nut and its product has come in the ambit of APEDA, it has been engaging with the stakeholder of Cashew Nut sector to address the various issues and challenges facing the industry in the form of modernization and the processing facilities, logistics, quality and strict international competition.

The event was one such platform to engage with the stakeholder of the Cashew Nut sector in all Cashew Nut producing areas of the country and APEDA will intensify such initiative to regain its position in the World Cashew Nut trade.

In the future, APEDA may intervene in the automation of the cashew industry. Training of professionals, registration of cashew processing units, and a traceability system will be formulated for cashew, replicating peanuts. APEDA will disseminate cashew-related information to stakeholders. APEDA is dedicated to continually exploring innovative methods, leveraging technology, and strengthening trade relations to ensure that Indian cashew products reach every corner of the world.

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