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BERG Propulsion provides systems integration for new Buksér og Berging offshore tug

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SWEDEN : Berg Propulsion has been selected to provide state-of-the-art control and propulsion technology for what will be one of the largest hybrid tugs ever delivered, after owner Buksér og Berging AS (BuBe) agreed specifications with Türkiye’s Uzmar Shipyard for its latest newbuild. The project will showcase Berg’s roles as an integrator of electric propulsion technology and a supplier of high performance propulsion equipment.

Berg has been contracted to provide the full electrical power and control package for the Robert Allan-designed Rampage 4100BB-H tug, which will join BuBe’s North Sea operations in December 2024. Supply will include the electric motors, drives, main switchboard, power management system, alarm monitoring system, control system and mode selector. The order builds on  longstanding relationships with BuBe and Uzmar, as well as accumulated in-service operations of integrated Berg systems equivalent to over 100,000 hours.

Berg’s scope of supply also includes twin MTA834CP azimuth thrusters and one MTT114CP bow thruster for the 120-ton bollard pull tug.

Vetle Sverdrup, CEO of Buksér og Berging AS, commented: “Working with Berg Propulsion, Robert Allen, and Uzmar Shipyard has brought together world-class expertise to create a vessel that will set new industry performance standards. Berg’s integrated hybrid system and automation solutions have been chosen for their ability to optimize tug efficiency and operational flexibility in a single package.”

Switching seamlessly between operating modes, Berg’s propulsion control package will be decisive in the tug’s superior responsiveness and its ability to continuously optimize energy efficiency. Options comprise power mode (twin diesel engines + gensets, with load sharing managed by Berg’s MPC800A unit); mechanical + PTO mode; Eco mode (electric power from gensets, main thrusters run via PTI motors – main engines disengaged); and standby. 

A. Noyan Altug, CEO, Uzmar Shipyard, said: “This is a milestone project for Uzmar in every respect, and a significant win within our important Norwegian client base. Berg Propulsion has developed long and successful working relationships with Uzmar and BuBe. Past experience with Berg has been key for the owner in its selection – just as it is for Uzmar as delivery partner.”

In an example of Berg’s close working relationship with Uzmar, Mustafa Müslüm, General Manager, Berg Propulsion Eurasia, said ‘Hardware in the Loop’ tests of electrical integration, the automation system and associated equipment would be conducted as a simulation of the future sea trial at Berg’s production facility before factory acceptance tests.

“Such an extensive test will eliminate any interface issues before delivering products to the yard, which will optimize time management during the ship acceptance tests and the harbor acceptance tests,” Müslüm explained.

Jonas Nyberg, Managing Director Advanced Solutions, Berg Propulsion, said: “Our partnership with BuBe is an excellent example of Berg’s role as integrator across advanced operational systems, including the interface with intricate mechanical solutions. We have dug deep into BuBe’s specific operational and service needs to ensure that every piece of equipment delivers its full potential. We focus on the way the crew interacts with these systems, particularly in the bridge area, in an integrated approach that guarantees not only seamless functionality but also an enhanced user experience, making operations intuitive and efficient.”

About Berg Propulsion Production:

Berg Propulsion is a Swedish company providing a range of propulsion technologies, electrical integration solutions and energy efficiency optimization strategies for marine and offshore vessels. It designs and manufactures controllable-pitch propellers, azimuth thrusters and transverse thrusters, as well as vessel control and manoeuvring systems, and supplies both hybrid interface and integrated hybrid electric propulsion solutions.

Berg Propulsion has production facilities in Sweden, and direct sales & service offices in China, Singapore, Türkiye and United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, the company is supported by a global dealer & service network. 

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