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BIMCO’s SHIPMAN 2024 available for use

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LONDON : The updated 2024 version of BIMCO’s widely used ship management contract SHIPMAN is now available for use in SmartCon and on the BIMCO website accompanied by explanatory notes.

SHIPMAN 2024 was adopted by the Documentary Committee meeting on 22 March in Hamburg.

The accompanying explanatory notes give insights into the clauses of the form and the reasoning for the changes made compared with SHIPMAN 2009.

BIMCO will shortly finalise and publish a new third party management agreement based on SHIPMAN 2024. AUTOSHIPMAN is the industry’s first purpose designed standard contract aimed initially at the growing inland waterway sector operating remotely controlled vessels. The new contract adds options for managers to provide remote operation and, ultimately, fully autonomous services for owners within the framework of the new SHIPMAN 2024.

Separately, BIMCO is developing a standard template for mandating compliance with Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) obligations under Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2023/2599. The template will be made available as an independent, supporting document to the freestanding ETS Allowances Clause for SHIPMAN and SHIPMAN 2024. The mandate template is expected to be published in May.

Work to revise BIMCO’s standard crew management agreements CREWMAN A and B is also set to commence in the coming months.

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