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BOLLORÉ Logistics Singapore collaborates with Singapore start-up Botsync to Spearhead autonomous mobile robot development

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SINGAPORE : Bolloré Logistics Singapore and Botsync have joined forces to develop MAG300 AMR an AMR-based automation solution. Supported by Enterprise Singapore (ESG), this new solution is the fruit of a one-year extensive collaboration between Bolloré Logistics Singapore and Botsync. It is aimed at helping automate two logistics processes – order replenishment and preparation, through the reduction of movement of goods by human labor.

MAG300 differentiates itself from other conventional robot solutions with its intelligent proprietary software suite that enables the solution to quickly adapt to dynamic warehouse operations. With this new solution, operators can set any route permutations within the predefined pickup and drop-off points easily via a tablet with Botsync’s easy-to-use dashboard. MAG300 also integrates a unique trolley design, which can be easily handled by a human, a traditional Material Handling Equipment (MHE), or the robot. As such, this automation solution allows easy shift from manual operations to automation at existing sites with minimal changes and disruptions to processes.

We want to go beyond what conventional bots can do and create something with flexibility and scalability. By taking the time to collaboratively design a solution, it can then truly provide the best answer to a problem statement.” said Pierre Matheron, Innovation Project Manager at Bolloré Logistics Singapore.

Equipped with several sensors on the front and rear, MAG300’s anti-collision system is capable of detecting any moving or stationary object five meters away from itself and quickly recalibrate its route to avoid it. The AMR can run for 8 hours continuously before automatically heading back to the charging station for a short recharge time of 2.5 hours. With a maximum lifting payload up to 300kg, the MAG300 AMR can move up to 300 boxes per hour at a maximum traveling speed of up to 6.3 km/h. This greatly reduces existing manual operations of transporting bins or boxes and increases warehouse efficiency by saving up to 90 manhours per month.

We believe that customers shouldn’t have to struggle to adapt and implement automation. Our products are designed to adapt to a user’s conditions seamlessly with minimal disruption and this collaboration is a testament of our extensive efforts to ensure we provide a right-fit automation solution to support Bolloré achieve operational excellence.” said Prashant Trivedi, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Offer at Botsync.

As the concept is fully customized and engineered to fit Bolloré Logistics’ needs, it can be easily scaled across all other hubs without incurring additional heavy investments. The full implementation of MAG AMR automation solution across Blue Hub will take place by Q1 2022. Both companies are working to extend the usage for other processes involving stock movement to achieve full utilization of the AMR.

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