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ClassNK Joins Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonization

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Signatories of the Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonization urge world leaders to align shipping with the Paris Agreement temperature goal. The private sector is already taking important steps to decarbonize global supply chains. It is indispensable that governments deliver the policies that will supercharge the transition and make zero emission shipping the default choice by 2030.
Full decarbonization of international shipping is urgent and achievable. This is the clear message from more than 150 industry leaders and organizations representing the entire maritime value chain, including shipping, cargo, energy, finance, ports, and infrastructure. In conjunction with the UN General Assembly and ahead of critical climate negotiations at COP26 in Glasgow this November, they call on governments to work together with industry to deliver the policies and investments needed to reach critical tipping points in decarbonizing global supply chains and the global economy.
Signatories of the Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonization call on world leaders to:

  • Commit to decarbonizing international shipping by 2050 and deliver a clear and equitable implementation plan to achieve this when adopting the IMO GHG Strategy in 2023.
  • Support industrial scale zero emission shipping projects through national action, for instance by setting clear decarbonization targets for domestic shipping and by providing incentives and support to first movers and broader deployment of zero emissions fuels and vessels.
  • Deliver policy measures that will make zero emission shipping the default choice by 2030, including meaningful market-based measures, taking effect by 2025 that can support the commercial deployment of zero emission vessels and fuels in international shipping.

Signatories to the Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonization include some of the world’s largest actors in global trade, and ClassNK has joined. Taking this opportunity, Hiroaki Sakashita, President & CEO of ClassNK says “ClassNK commits to support both public and private approaches to zero emission by carrying out reliable regulatory service, developing broader certification service responding to emerging needs, and extending outcomes from partnerships with industry pioneers. With all our strengths, ClassNK will accompany the journey to shipping decarbonization.”
To learn more about the Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonization and see the full list of Signatories, and what concrete actions Signatories of the Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonization are taking in support of shipping decarbonization, please visit:
On top of the call, it is expected that the public and private sectors will accelerate their efforts to achieve zero emission shipping. The shipping business is entering an era in which the players are required to not only comply with regulations but also systematically manage GHG emissions for the future. So that the clients engaging in the shipping business are able to plan and manage GHG emissions in daily operations for the pursuit of zero emission, ClassNK commits to providing a comprehensive service portfolio and fully supporting the clients’ effort.

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