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COSCO proceeds with blockchain-based eBL

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SHANGHAI : COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carriers and COSCO SHIPPING Lines have taken further steps to promote blockchain-based electronic bill of lading (eBL) in order to provide clients with a more personalised service experience.

COSCO SHIPPING Lines Qingdao released its first blockchain-based eBL on 13 February, signalling the formal opening of the new cargo release route at Qingdao Port in China.

The completely loaded vessel COSCO SHIPPING Harmony arrived at Qingdao Qianwan West Port United Terminal on 18 February.

Following the arrival of the vessel, the client finished the document swap using the blockchain-based paperless container release application.

According to the Chinese company, it was also the first time in China that COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carriers achieved automated discharge of imported products, with the trial plan first applied in pulp transportation.

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