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COSCO SHIPPING Lines announces the launch of OCEAN Alliance DAY 8 product this year

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SHANGHAI : As member of OCEAN Alliance, COSCO SHIPPING is dedicated to promote the prosperity of global trade by enhancing its scale and strength, providing broader network, more stable and high-quality service products to its global customers and endeavor to make contribution to the stability of global supply chain since its operation. COSCO SHIPPING Lines sincerely appreciate the trust and support from customers, the shipping line said in a media release.

With the agreement to extend the cooperation by at least five years, it demonstrates the determination of OCEAN Alliance to pursue stable and reliable service to our customers. The launch of the OCEAN Alliance DAY 8 Product in 2024 continues stability and coherence of service. Boasting around 355 vessels with an aggregate capacity of around 4.82 million TEUs and more than 480 direct Port Pairs, OCEAN Alliance continuously optimize the frequency and coverage of services to meet the direct calling requirement from customers. We are committed to continuously improving service quality, adopting flexible, practical measures to cope with changes, assisting the stability of global supply chain with more stable and predictable services.

OCEAN Alliance is committed to practice the concepts of “green, low-carbon” and enhancing the development of green fleet, to fulfill the carriers’ social responsibilities of Green Shipping.

The OCEAN Alliance DAY 8 product to be launched in April 2024 will cover 37 services and COSCO SHIPPING has 3 Non-OA Transatlantic loops:

•      6 Far East – North Europe services
•      4 Far East – Mediterranean services
•     20 Trans-Pacific services (including 12 West Coast North America services, 8 East Coast North America and U.S. Gulf services)
•      5 Trans-Atlantic services(including 3 Non-OA loop)
•      3 Middle East services
•      2 Red Sea services (direct calling + transshipment)

China COSCO SHIPPING Corporation Limited (COSCO SHIPPING Group or the Group) is an SOE headquartered in Shanghai. It is the merged entity of China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company (COSCO) and China Shipping (Group) Company (China Shipping). As of Dec 31, 2022, the total fleet of COSCO SHIPPING comprises of 1394 vessels with a capacity of 113.82 million DWT, ranking No.1 in the world. Its container fleet capacity is 3.02 million TEU, ranking the third in the world. Its dry bulk fleet (437 vessels / 45.14 million DWT), tanker fleet (228 vessels / 29.18 million DWT) and general and specialized cargo fleet (175 vessels / 5.78 million DWT) are all topping the world’s list.

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