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DG Shipping warns seafarers of rising fraud in maritime recruitment

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MUMBAI : Directorate General of Shipping has issued a stern warning to seafarers and their families about the growing number of deceptive practices in the maritime recruitment industry.

The advice comes in reaction to troubling reports of Indian sailors being abandoned, exploited, or recruited fraudulently abroad.

In response to complaints from seafarers, their families, and unions, the Directorate emphasized the substantial issues that Indian seafarers confront, including abandonment, imprisonment, and exploitation on vessels flying Flags of Convenience (FoC).

These flags, registered in nations with lenient laws, have been criticized for facilitating terrible working conditions and abuse of seafarers.

The advisory expressed specific concerns about Indian Recruitment and Placement of Seafarers (RPS) organizations engaging in deceptive activities during recruitment.

It highlighted that seafarers should only be hired through recognized organizations to ensure compliance with laws intended to protect their rights and safety.

The Directorate emphasized the importance of the e-Migrate system, which was implemented to oversee and supervise the recruitment of Indian seafarers.

This method intends to improve transparency by notifying seafarers and agencies about their recruiting status and providing the necessary information to immigration authorities for verification.

Seafarers have reported being misled by unscrupulous RPS agencies into joining vessels other than those initially designated, often resulting in situations where minimal safety standards are breached, or payments are withheld.

In response to these issues, the Directorate advised seafarers to verify the credibility of businesses and carefully evaluate employment agreements before accepting positions.

It also urges immediate reporting to Indian authorities regarding wage disputes or abandonment difficulties.

The alert also cautioned seafarers’ families about fraudulent schemes that target them while their loved ones are at sea.

Scammers acting as law enforcement or maritime authorities manipulate families into paying money under the false pretence of addressing legal issues concerning the seafarer.

The Directorate’s advice is an invaluable resource for existing and aspiring seafarers aiming to protect their rights and well-being in the maritime profession.

It highlights the significance of being vigilant, transparent, and adhering to legal recruitment processes to reduce the risks associated with unscrupulous operations.

Maritime associations, especially the Goan Seamen Association of India, have welcomed the advisory as a critical step in ensuring the integrity of maritime recruitment processes and protecting seafarers from exploitation and fraud.

Seafarers facing challenges such as underpaid wages or fraudulent recruitment tactics could seek support from trade unions, Indian diplomatic missions, or welfare organizations to protect their maritime law rights.

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