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DPA Kandla achieves extraordinary milestone by handling a record-breaking 18.5 MMT of cargo

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GANDHIDHAM : Deendayal Port Authority, Kandla has achieved an extraordinary milestone by handling a record-breaking 18.5 million metric tons (MMT) of cargo within the first 45 days of the current fiscal year 2024-25. This remarkable feat represents a 6.81% growth compared to the same period last fiscal year and surpasses the previous record set during FY 2022-23 by 6.38%.

The detailed record of traffic volume handled over the first 45 days of the last five fiscal years is as follows:

2024-25: 18.50 MMT
2023-24: 17.32 MMT
2022-23: 17.39 MMT
2021-22: 16.19 MMT
2020-21: 12.55 MMT

These impressive numbers highlight DPA’s consistent growth trajectory and its capacity to handle increasing cargo volumes year after year.

Key Growth Drivers: –
The first 45 days of the current fiscal year have witnessed significant growth in various cargo categories:

Iron Ore Import: There was a phenomenal 168% increase in the volume of iron ore imports, underscoring the growing demand for this critical raw material.

Urea: The volume of urea handled saw a robust growth of 43%, reflecting heightened agricultural activity and fertilizer demand.

Fertilizer Raw Materials (FRM): A substantial 99% growth was observed in FRM, highlighting the strategic importance of the port in supporting agricultural inputs.

Miscellaneous Dry Bulk: This category experienced a 62% increase, indicating a diverse range of commodities contributing to the overall cargo volume.

Edible Oil: There was a steady 12% growth in edible oil volumes, suggesting a stable consumption pattern.

Salt: The port handled 15% more salt compared to the same period last year, emphasizing its role in this essential commodity’s supply chain.

Soybean Meal (SBM): SBM volumes increased by 16%, reflecting the growing export and domestic consumption of this protein-rich feed ingredient.

Strategic Implications
The consistent increase in cargo volumes at Deendayal Port Authority is a testament to its strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing port infrastructure, improving operational efficiency and fostering stakeholder collaboration. These efforts have positioned DPA as a pivotal maritime hub, crucial for the economic growth and supply chain management of the region.

The port’s robust performance not only highlights its operational capabilities but also its ability to adapt to the dynamic demands of global trade. As DPA continues to innovate and expand, it is well-positioned to maintain its upward trajectory and set new benchmarks in cargo handling.

In conclusion, the record-breaking cargo handling figures for the first 45 days of FY 2024-25 are a clear indication of Deendayal Port Authority’s leadership and commitment to excellence in maritime operations.

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