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DTDC Express unveils an All-Women-Operated Branch in Mumbai on the occasion of International Women’s Day

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MUMBAI : DTDC Express Ltd., India’s leading express logistics company, unveiled its 1st all-women operated branch in Mumbai, on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Mr. Subhashish Chakraborty, Founder and Chairman & Managing Director along with Mr. Abhishek Chakraborty, Executive Director, and Ms. Arpita C. Mittra, Director, Customer Experience, inaugurated the branch through a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday. Through this initiative, the company aims to encourage opportunities for women in the logistics sector and inspire inclusion.

Gender inequality persists across various sectors globally, with logistics being no exception. According to the World Bank as of 2022, women constitute only 40% of the global workforce, facing numerous challenges in accessing opportunities for career advancement and leadership roles. In India, this disparity is even more pronounced, with women accounting for just 26% of the workforce.

Recognizing this gap, DTDC Express Ltd. has started the journey towards becoming an equal-opportunity employer. The launch of the all-women-operated branch in Mumbai represents the first step in this journey towards gender diversity and inclusion.

The new branch at DTDC’s Sakinaka, Mumbai will be entirely operated by women. This location is expected to manage nearly 1,20,000+ consignments per month comprising 57,000+ deliveries and 63,000+ bookings. These dedicated employees will oversee various aspects of logistics operations, including order placements, tracking, delivery, and returns, among others.

Mr. Abhishek Chakraborty, Executive Director of DTDC Express Ltd., expressed his confidence in the initiative, stating, “We envision a future where diversity is not merely a subject but a way of life. This all-women operated branch is a start to embracing inclusivity in the logistics sector. We recognize the invaluable contributions that women bring to our organization and are dedicated to providing them with equal opportunities for growth and success.”

Ms. Arpita C. Mittra, Director – Customer Experience at DTDC Express Ltd., emphasized the significance of the initiative, stating, “DTDC Express Ltd. is actively taking steps to embrace diversity across all levels of the organization. With four women on our board, including myself, we are committed to leading by example. We believe in fostering a culture of inclusion, and our all-women-operated branch is a step in this direction.”

We intend to extend this initiative to additional locations, aiming to establish such branches in every major metropolitan area. With the inauguration of the all-women operated branch in Mumbai and future expansions planned for other significant cities, DTDC Express Ltd. reiterates its dedication to fostering a more equitable and inclusive atmosphere within the logistics sector.

About DTDC 

DTDC Express Ltd. is one of India’s leading integrated express logistics companies offering domestic and international services. DTDC offers a comprehensive range of technology-enabled logistics services, serving a wide spectrum of customers across diverse industry verticals. Today, it operates India’s largest physically accessible express logistics Network and has over 16,000+ exclusive channel partners which contribute to its sales and service capabilities. 

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