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Dubai unveils World’s Largest Ocean Restoration and Ecotourism initiative

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DUBAI : Dubai Reefs comprises a sustainable floating community dedicated to marine research, ecotourism, and regeneration.

The assignment includes residential, retail, hospitality, educational, and research facilities.

Dubai Reefs is the world’s largest Ocean Restoration Project unveiled in Dubai by URB. URB are a global leader in developing sustainable cities with a sense of purpose to accelerate the world’s transition towards net zero developments. The company is headquartered in Dubai Design District with several international projects currently in planning stages.

This unique marine institute will be the heart of the project, working toward a more holistic protection of Dubai’s coastal and marine environments. It aims to accelerate Dubai’s marine science and advanced conservation capabilities while also developing the most diverse artificial reef spanning 200 sq km. It aims to create a home for over a billion corals and about 100 million mangrove trees.

The assignment will offer world-class experiences in marine ecotourism with several floating eco-lodges, all of which are powered by 100% renewable energy from many types of hydropower and solar energy. These will also generate additional clean energy for Dubai’s increasing population.

Regenerative Ocean Farming is another prime feature, a climate-friendly food production method.

Baharash Bagherian, URB’s CEO, highlighted the project’s importance for Dubai and coastal cities at risk of a rise in sea level.

He explained that the health of cities is intrinsically linked to the health of oceans. The ocean is the source of life, controlling everything. Since everything on Earth is connected, a healthy ocean means a healthy city. The ocean will be completely different by the end of this century if actions are not taken today.

He added that the country requires an entrepreneurial spirit to help plan coastal cities and infrastructure and developments linked to the ocean.

As an innovative coastal city, Dubai is ideally positioned to lead such a major transformation. Beyond developing a unique and resilient destination dedicated to ecotourism and marine research, Dubai Reefs aims to emerge as a blueprint for ocean living while mitigating climate change’s colossal impact.

Dubai Reefs, eventually, shall promote environmental, social, and economic benefits. The project aims to help Dubai evolve as an eco-destination where the city and the ocean can thrive in balance.

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