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Forwarders promised a ‘stronger voice’ after IATA-FIATA air cargo initiative fails

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Nearly a decade after it was first mooted, the joint IATA-FIATA Air Cargo Progamme (IFACP – previously called CAMP), by which forwarders stopped being ‘agents’ of the airlines, has been quietly dropped, with carriers and their customers unable to agree.

Instead, IATA’s Cargo Agency Conference (CAC) has chosen to give freight forwarders a “stronger voice” via Regional Joint Councils, which comprise forwarder associations, forwarders and airlines.

The airline-only CAC must now consult with the regional councils before making any new resolutions.

The air cargo industry has undergone significant changes over recent years, including the emergence of new business relationships between forwarders and airlines. Today’s freight forwarders in most cases conduct business as principals and carrier customers, instead of acting as agent of a carrier.

IATA and FIATA recognized the need to modernize the current IATA Cargo Agency Program and therefore have worked together to develop and introduce a new air cargo program – the IATA-FIATA Air Cargo Program (IFACP).

This new program is administered and managed as a joint program on behalf of and to the benefit of the Carriers and Forwarders. IATA and FIATA will be encouraging their
respective members to apply recommended practices on industry initiatives, which include e-commerce, safety and security, and improved quality.

The IFACP is run by an IATA-FIATA Governance Board (IFGB), composed of senior airline and forwarder representatives. The IFGB provides a framework of industry endorsement standards that are relevant and in line with air cargo best practices and safety regulations.

Regional and national Joint Councils provide feedback and discuss and submit proposals to the IFGB in respect of endorsement standards, including operational and financial criteria.

IFACP is being rolled out globally from August 2017.

Source : IATA

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