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GAC joins ‘Getting To Zero Coalition’ to accelerate decarbonisation in shipping

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The GAC Group has nailed its sustainability colours to its mast by joining the Global Maritime Forum’s ‘Getting To Zero Coalition’, an alliance of more than 140 companies from the maritime, energy, infrastructure and finance sectors working to accelerate the decarbonisation of shipping by developing and deploying zero emission vessels (ZEVs) by the end of the decade.

International shipping emits 2-3% of global greenhouse gas emissions, something the International Maritime Organisation aims to reduce by half by 2050. To achieve that goal, commercially viable ZEVs must start entering the global fleet by 2030, followed by a radical increase throughout the 2030s and 2040s.

Call to action

The Getting to Zero Coalition is a partnership between the Global Maritime Forum, the Friends of Ocean action, and the World Economic Forum which builds on the call to action in support of decarbonisation launched in October 2018, and the Poseidon Principles global framework for climate-aligned ship financing launched in June 2019.

GAC operates a fleet of offshore work and service boats and launches to provide essential services to its shipping, offshore, energy and other customers around the world. As part of the Coalition, the Group is making a statement of intent to upgrade this fleet to significantly reduce its emissions, emphasised a release.

Long view responsibility

“GAC has a strong history of pioneering, and that means looking ahead and, importantly, taking responsibility for the impact our business has on the environment,” says GAC Group President Bengt Ekstrand.

“We firmly believe that commercial success and sustainability work best in tandem, and that partnerships like the Getting To Zero Coalition will play a key role in improving the environment for generations to come.

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