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GBC grand stage comes up in Lucknow made of 48 shipping containers

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LUCKNOW : Around 50 cargo shipping containers are being used to create the stage for the upcoming Ground Breaking Ceremony in Uttar Pradesh, India, where Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will be the Chief Guest. The containers are being arranged to create several entry and exit points and will also be used as screens to display 3D audio-visuals. Over 40 artists and 500 people are working on painting murals on the containers. The structure will have a height of 15 meters and a seating capacity of over 2,400 guests.

Some 50 cargo shipping containers are being used to make the grand stage at the Indira Gandhi Pratishthan (IGP) for the upcoming groundbreaking ceremony (GBC) where PM Modi will be the chief guest on February 19.

“This is for the first time in Uttar Pradesh that these shipping containers are being used to make the stage for a large-scale event,” said Vinay Mittal, Managing Director of Delhi-based company Deepali Designs & Exhibits, which is tasked with managing the venue.

“The overall height of the structure will be 15 meters. There are around 40 containers of 20 feet while eight are of 40 feet. While the 20-foot containers have a weight of around 2.5 tonnes, the 40-foot containers are 5 tonnes in weight,” added Mittal, whose company also executed work during UP Global Investors Summit 2023 and Khelo India University Games 2022 in the state.

“The containers have been placed in such a way making several entry exit points on both the sides along with the main entrance with a seating capacity of over 2,400 guests. Iron scaffolding has been erected on top of the containers which will form the roof of the structure,” he said.

Shipping container as screen

“Along with the two sides where the containers are used, the background of the main stage will also have containers instead of screens where 3D audio-visuals will be displayed, and the fourth side is being left open as the main entrance,” said Vandana Singh Jangra, project manager.

“New age content with 3D animations and models, larger than life CG elements, and visuals like never before makes the entire experience phenomenal. Breathtaking and mesmerising cinematic journey of U.P. on the container screen with hi-tech projections which is one of a kind and will come alive for the first time in India” added Jangra.

40 artists, 500 hands painting murals

As many as 500 people and 40-50 artists, including junior and senior artists, are working to meet the deadline with most artists having come from Delhi. “GBC-related murals are being painted on these containers. Sprays and acrylic colours are being used in the artwork of containers and are based on whatever development has taken place in Uttar Pradesh using different colours,” said Priyendra Shukla, Delhi-based senior painter and sculptor, who is supervising the work.

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