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Georgia Ports Authority to invest US$29 million to mitigate terminal truck traffic

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GEORGIA : The Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) is set to invest US$29 million in a new overpass connecting Ocean Terminal to Route 17, aimed at alleviating the impact of terminal truck traffic on local neighbourhoods.

This collaborative initiative involves the Georgia Ports Authority, the city of Savannah, and the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). Originating from community engagement near Ocean Terminal, the project addresses concerns about increased truck traffic in residential areas.

The proposed overpass will provide a direct route for trucks to access Route 17, eliminating the need to traverse Louisville Road and local streets to reach the highway.

The Georgia Ports Authority will oversee the construction of the overpass and roadway entrance to U.S. 17, adhering to GDOT specifications, with completion expected in 2026. Once finished, GDOT will assume responsibility for the maintenance and repair of the roadway.

“This is a port project in the best interest of the community,” stated GPA President and CEO Griff Lynch.

Lynch and Georgia Ports executives have been in contact with residents in the Brickyard area of the city near the port so they hear firsthand any concerns.

“We want to keep trucks off local neighbourhood roads for safety and sustainability reasons,” Lynch added.

In conjunction with the construction of the overpass and entrance ramp to Route 17, the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) will undertake the development of a dedicated exit ramp from Route 17. Additionally, GPA will create a new entrance roadway exclusive to trucks, optimizing safety and traffic operations for the general public accessing Ocean Terminal.

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