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Gujarat invests ₹50 Crore in Submarine for Advancing Under-Sea Tourism

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GANDHINAGAR : The Gujarat government is set to introduce an innovative under-sea tourism experience by acquiring a ₹50-crore submarine designed to transport passengers to Beyt Dwarka, a small island believed to be part of the submerged ancient kingdom of Lord Krishna.

Hareet Shukla, Principal Secretary of the Tourism department, revealed, “We have inked a Memorandum of Understanding with Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd for building a submarine that can carry passengers.” This groundbreaking submarine project for tourists is the first of its kind in India, with an official announcement expected during the upcoming Vibrant Gujarat summit next week.

Shukla added that the submarine is anticipated to cost less than ₹50 crore, and with the agreement primarily between the two governments, efforts are underway to expedite delivery as early as possible. The introduction of this unique under-sea tourism initiative is poised to enhance the cultural and historical exploration of Beyt Dwarka, providing an unprecedented experience for visitors to explore the submerged remnants of Lord Krishna’s ancient kingdom.

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