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Gujarat unveils plans for 3 new airports to boost connectivity

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AHMEDABAD : In a bid to promote tourism and upgrade the infrastructure, Gujarat has announced plans for three new airports, including one near the iconic Statue of Unity in Kevadia.

This plan was unveiled during the Assembly session in response to queries raised by MLA Shailesh Mehta.

Addressing queries regarding the Prime Minister’s 2018 announcement on the development of multiple airports, officials confirmed the construction of an airport just 12 km from Kevadia. This move follows the success of the Statue of Unity, which has attracted over 1 crore tourists since its inauguration.

However, the expansion plans extend beyond Kevadia. Airports are also slated for Ferkuwa and Surova in Tilakwada, along with Siddhapur and Vadnagar.

Preliminary feasibility studies are underway in these locations, setting the stage for improved connectivity and enhanced tourism prospects.

“This initiative is a direct outcome of the overwhelming success of the Statue of Unity. Siddhapur and Vadnagar have also witnessed a notable increase in tourist footfall, and enhanced air connectivity is poised to stimulate tourism across all three destinations further,” an official said.

Around 50 lakh people visited the Statue of Unity in 2023 which hints towards the surge in tourism.

The government has steadfastly expanded facilities and introduced new attractions to cater to this burgeoning demand.

Upgrades to passenger amenities, including transportation infrastructure, have been prioritised, with the recent introduction of 30 electric buses aligning with the vision of a sustainable “dream area”.

The influx of tourists has also spurred the registration of over 4 lakh visitors since December 2023.

The surge can be attributed to various factors, including an expanded range of attractions catering to diverse age groups, improved transport facilities, and unique experiences such as traditional tribal home stays.

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