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Highlights from the 3rd WCO Data Innovation Hub Meeting

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BRUSSELS : The WCO Data Innovation Hub (DIH) serves as an essential platform, bringing together Customs and industry experts to collectively explore the latest data innovations and advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and their application to Customs. The 3rd meeting of the WCO DIH, held on 8 May 2024, was a significant testament to this collaborative spirit, as it marked another stride towards fostering collaboration to drive innovation within Customs administrations. The meeting agenda included six insightful presentations and two interactive Q&A sessions, providing participants ample opportunities to engage and delve into key topics.

The morning session commenced with presentations from three industry frontrunners in the domain of Customs-focused AI solutions.  These presentations covered various topics, including anomaly detection algorithms for Customs and Border Security and the opportunities and challenges of deploying digital and AI solutions in Customs. They offered a comprehensive and compelling view of the transformative potential of data innovations, igniting collective imagination about the future of Customs operations.

The afternoon session continued the momentum with presentations from three other AI solution providers, each offering unique perspectives on leveraging AI to enhance the efficiency of Customs operations. These sessions were followed by discussions on, inter alia, using AI to improve compliance and leveraging AI-powered solutions for better decision-making.

The third meeting of the WCO Data Innovation Hub provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of data innovations and AI in Customs operations. It underscored the importance of multistakeholder collaborative efforts in data analytics and AI, staying agile and embracing technological advancements to enhance trade facilitation and security.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Taeil Kang, Director of Capacity Building, reiterated the WCO’s unwavering commitment to remaining at the forefront of technological advancements and fostering collaboration with the private sector. The Director also shared updates about the algorithms developed by the WCO BACUDA project, namely AI HS, DATE, and AI Synth, which are clear indicators of the organization’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of data innovations and AI in Customs operations.

As the world of data analytics and AI continues to evolve, the WCO Data Innovation Hub remains a relevant platform for sharing experience, knowledge, and expertise sharing, and facilitating the ongoing exploration of the transformative potential of data analytics and AI and the associated risks for Customs administrations.

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