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Höegh provides expert solution for critical breakbulk equipment

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Höegh provides expert solution for critical breakbulk equipment

When Om Freight Forwarders needed support to transport critical components in the oil and gas industry quickly and safely from India to Colombia, they turned to the experience of Höegh Autoliners.

The freight forwarder was tasked to transport three 52-tonne mud pumps and accessories from Mumbai, India to Cartagena, Colombia. The cargo is an important part of equipment used in oil well drilling, so ensuring its safe transportation was vital, Höegh said in a release.

Competitive transit time

With a direct liner service from India to the Caribbean, it allows customers to plan their shipments, reducing risk. Mr Atuldutt Sharma, Höegh’s Breakbulk Sales Manager in India, explains: “The customer had a specific deadline to ship the critical cargo from Mumbai to Cartagena. With our regular liner service to the Caribbean, it not only offered the best transit time, but also the possibility to plan for the important shipment.”

Innovative solution

The 4.50-metre height of each of the mud pumps could have posed a challenge with the height clearance of the vessels, which are around five metres.

However, over the years, Höegh has developed its handling equipment to give it greater flexibility in the type of cargo it is able to transport.

Mr Atuldutt Sharma adds: “To transport higher breakbulk cargo, we have developed the Superlow rolltrailer concept. Through our expertise in transporting high breakbulk cargo, together with our specialised handling equipment, we were able to transport the mud pumps and its accessories on our regular vessels in this service.”

The customised handling equipment is only 47 cm high and is designed to transport cargo that is 23-30 cm higher than what it was previously able to transport on its regular vessels, the release said.

Safe underdeck

RoRo (Roll-On/Roll-off) vessels are designed for cargo to be stowed and lashed safely underdeck. This is particularly important for sensitive cargo as the climate-controlled decks keep the delicate cargo safe from exposure to salt water, changing temperatures and high humidity, reducing the risk of damage during transit.

With cargo safely stowed underdeck, it reduces packing costs for the customer and ensures the cargo reaches its final destination in the same condition it was handed to Höegh.

Om Freight Forwarders Pvt. Ltd General Manager for Projects, Mr Vishal Joshi shares: “Höegh immediately supported us with our requirements on carrying our cargo on time to its destination with minimum transit time. Höegh Autoliners is always accommodating our requests and comes up with innovative solutions for carrying our breakbulk and project cargo.”

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