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How Logistics Industry Is Pushing Electric Vehicle Sales in India and the Impact of Green Tax

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With Logistics industry pushing the sales of Electric Vehicles in India, implementation of ‘Green Tax’ by the government will have a big impact on the sector.

NEW DELHI : The logistics sector has seen exponential growth in the last few years. Even in a global pandemic, the sector saw a great rise. Logistics sector with implementation of new technologies at every step has been keeping up with every trend possible. There’s no other sector that undergoes so many changes in a single quarter.

The sector has been very active in bringing EV revolution in India. This will be a big change for the entire nation and the logistics sector is the one that is taking this ahead. With that, the sector has been working towards sustainable growth and has been extremely successful in achieving the same. With incorporation of more environment friendly techniques, we have been on our foot to make a remarkable difference. Along with everything India joining the World Logistics Passport has also contributed to the growth of the national logistics sector.

With everything going on, the implementation of the ‘Green Tax’ by the government will have a big impact on the logistics sector. Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transports and Highways, announced the imposition of Green Tax on older vehicles in order to help the sustainability of our ecosystem. The scheme expects vehicles to pay 50% of the road tax and will be applicable for petrol & diesel vehicles.

According to the ministry, transport vehicles older than eight years could mainly fall under the Green Tax radar (at 10-25 % of road tax) right after they will get the notification of renewal of a vehicle fitness certificate. However, public transport vehicles, such as city buses, will see a lower Green Tax, and vehicles that run in the most polluted cities in India will serve a higher tax. Next month onwards, vehicles older than 15 years old will be owned by government departments and public sector undertakings.

Source : News 18 Auto

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