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IMO expert lectures on London Protocol & London Convention : WMU

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LONDON : As part of the Law of the Sea and Protection of the Marine Environment Course, on 9 February WMU students in the Maritime Law & Policy specialization had the opportunity to interact with Mr Andrew Birchenough, Technical Officer, Office for London Convention/Protocol & Ocean Affairs, Marine Environment Division of the International Maritime Organization (IMO)

Mr Birchenough delivered an in-depth introduction and global perspective on the London Protocol and London Convention with a focus on the issues, international regulatory response, key elements, relation to other regulatory frameworks, waste assessment guidelines, expanding remit, and technical cooperation and support. 

In the second part of the presentation, Mr. Birchennough focused on climate change-related issues. He gave examples of climate-resilient activities to mitigate climate change, such as carbon capture and CO2 sequestration in the seabed. He also explained activities that were employed in the past, such as ocean fertilization. 

Mr Birchenough joined the IMO Secretariat in 2017 and is responsible for the promotion and implementation of the London Convention and the London Protocol as well as GESAMP, UN-Oceans, and other UN-wide initiatives relating to the marine environment. From 2015-2017, he served as Vice Chair of the Scientific Groups of the London Convention and London Protocol.

The Malmö MSc in Maritime Affairs is a 14-month programme with seven specializations: Maritime Education & Training; Maritime Energy Management; Maritime Law & Policy; Maritime Safety & Environmental Administration; Ocean Sustainability, Governance and Management; Port Management, and Shipping Management & Logistics. Foundation studies are taught in the first term and cover the introductory knowledge that is fundamental to all activities in the maritime field. The three successive terms focus on specialization studies and a dissertation. WMU has more than 150 Visiting Lecturers from around the world who contribute their expertise to enrich the education of WMU students.

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