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“India has built huge capabilities in the area of information and cyber security”: Chairman, TEPC

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NEW DELHI : “The Indian Telecom Sector has witnessed significant progress in the recent years. There are several Indian companies which have been designing, manufacturing and exporting telecom equipment. Telecom equipment designed and manufactured in India are now being exported to nearly 70 countries.”

This was stated by Ms Madhu Arora, Member (Technology), Digital Communications Commission, Department of Telecom, while addressing the inaugural session of the Defence Sector ICT Conclave in New Delhi. A total of 21 companies showcased their products in the Defence Sector ICT Conclave.

Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council (TEPC) organised the conclave in collaboration with the Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, and Ministry of External Affairs. Ms Madhu Arora mentioned that India’s exports have surged by a staggering 35% and India is competing on equal terms in quality with the best manufacturers in the world. At home, India has installed around 4,42,000 5G base stations and nearly 80% equipment used in the 5G rollout in India was manufactured indigenously, she added.

She said that India’s commitment to fostering innovation and manufacturing has positioned it as a global leader in delivering cutting-edge trusted telecom systems and bespoke solutions which can be tailored to the specific needs of other countries.

Ms Arora said, “We are open to technology tie-ups to foster self-reliance in technology development. The potential of Indian telecom products to transform the defence sector of any country is immense. By harnessing cost-effectiveness, our trusted telecom products and expertise, resilient communication infrastructure can be built that empowers defence forces to safeguard national interests more effectively.”

Shri Jaideep Mazumdar, Secretary (East), Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India, in his address, said that no nation can afford to lag in the use of ICT. Increasingly, ICT plays a critical role in national defence. From facilitating real-time coordination to enabling advanced data analysis and decision-making, ICT forms the backbone of defence operations in the 21st century. India’s vibrant ICT sector, characterized by innovation and ingenuity is future-ready, he added.

According to Shri Mazumdar, India possesses significant capabilities in satellite technologies that are today an essential element in defence capabilities, the convergence of ICT with emerging technologies that is artificial intelligence and unmanned systems holds immense promise for transforming defence operations. He further mentioned that the telecom sector which has expertise in network infrastructure, connectivity solutions and communication technologies is uniquely positioned to address the complex challenges faced by defence establishments.

Furthermore, India’s prowess in cyber security is crucial in an area where cyber-attacks pose a significant risk to national security. Our ICT sector boasts world-class cyber security solutions ranging from encryption technologies to threat detection systems, he added.

Shri N G Subramaniam, Chairman, TEPC in his address, said, “India has built huge capabilities in the area of information and cyber security. Our cyber security experts work tirelessly round the clock to fortify our defence networks, shield them from cyber-attacks and safeguard very sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.”

He further saId that our expertise in data analytics and artificial intelligence empowers our defence forces with predictive insights and actionable intelligence, enhancing decision-making and operational effectiveness in the front. 

Ambassadors, Defence Attachés, Head of Commerce wings from more than 12 CIS & ASEAN countries participated in the event. Shri Arun Gupta, DG, TEPC, presented the Vote of Thanks on the occasion.

About TEPC: Under the ambit of the Foreign Trade Policy, TEPC was established by the Government of India, during the year 2009, to promote and develop the export of telecom equipment and services.

The council’s scope encompasses the entire telecom ecosystem including ICT hardware and software, Infrastructure products, service provision, system Integration & consultancy services. TEPC effectively caters to the diverse stakeholders within the telecom domain, including equipment manufacturers, system integrators, service providers and other relevant entities.

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