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India moves from China to Taiwan for High-Tech imports

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NEW DELHI : As relations between the two neighbours remain strained, India seems to be working to reduce its dependence on China for telecom instruments and electronic components by increasing its imports from Taiwan.

During April-February 2022-2023, Taiwan’s share in India’s import of telecom instruments jumped to 9 per cent from 2.3 per cent in the same period a year earlier.

Though China continued to be India’s major source of high-tech imports, its share declined from 45.8 per cent to 43 per cent during this period.

India’s telecom instrument imports from China increased by just 0.8 per cent, while that from Taiwan jumped 57 per cent.

Taiwan’s growing share was significant also because India’s overall telecom instrument imports rose by 7.5 per cent during the period.

Similarly, Taiwan’s share in India’s import of electronic components during April-January doubled to 6 per cent year-on-year, while China’s reduced by almost 14 percentage points to 32.8 per cent.

In value terms, India’s import of electronic components from China during the period contracted 29 per cent to $7.4 billion, while that from Taiwan rose to $1.3 billion.

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