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India Ratings raises sovereign GDP growth estimate for FY25 to 7.1%

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NEW DELHI : India Ratings and Research have revised upward their GDP growth estimate for FY25 to 7.1%, citing strong government expenditure, improved corporate and banking sector balance sheets, and a budding private corporate capex cycle. However, they caution that growth could be constrained by factors such as uneven consumption demand and export challenges due to global economic sluggishness.

Consumption Demand Dynamics

India Ratings highlights that current consumption demand is skewed towards upper-income brackets, with rural consumption remaining weak. They anticipate a surge in private final consumption expenditure to 7% in FY25, up from 3% in FY24, potentially marking a three-year high. The agency underscores the importance of sustained real wage growth for a more inclusive and sustainable consumption recovery.

Capex Outlook

While private sector activity has been subdued for several years, India Ratings sees signs of a new investment cycle emerging, as evidenced by increased project loans sanctioned by lenders. This suggests a potential uptick in private sector capital expenditure in the near future.

Inflation and Monetary Policy

India Ratings forecasts headline inflation to moderate in FY25 but emphasizes the need for continued vigilance from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Despite the expected moderation, monitoring inflationary pressures remains crucial for maintaining price stability and supporting economic growth.

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