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India’s largest Shopping Mall to be built in Ahmedabad soon: LuLu Group Chairman

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GANDHINAGAR : Yusuff Ali M.A., Chairman & Managing Director of LuLu Group said in Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit on Wednesday, that India’s largest shopping mall will be built in Ahmedabad soon. He said, “This is the great vision of the Prime Minister. He started Vibrant Gujarat 20 years ago. This is a big international event. People are coming here to invest generously and NRIs are coming too. We are going to construct India’s largest shopping mall in Ahmedabad…We will begin it this year itself.”

Earlier, stating that the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit should not be seen from a ‘state-specific’ perspective, Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra said that the MOUs signed in the summit have huge scope, and it will benefit not just Gujarat but the whole country.

He also emphasized the India-UAE relationship stating that New Delhi and Abu Dhabi are prime examples of landmark transformation between relationships.

Speaking on the MoUs signed, Kwatra said, “These are the very crucial elements of expanding the externalities of foreign trade, bringing administrative efficiency in foreign trade, bringing resilient supply chains, both within India and supply chain links between India and the rest of the economies. MoUs of this nature, irrespective of where they are signed or delivered, the scope of their benefits always accrue across the country”.

“It will naturally benefit Gujarat, but the whole country will gain out of it. These are the agreements of economic support and cooperation. The scope of its benefits is very large and it should not be seen from the state-specific perspective,” he added.

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